Creating NEBourhoods Together: Designing beautiful environmentally friendly and future-proof neighbourhoods together

Creating NEBourhoods Together is one of six lighthouse projects of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative selected and funded by the European Commission to support Europe's journey towards a climate-neutral continent.

"If the European Green Deal has a soul, then it is the New European Bauhaus, which has led to an explosion of creativity across our Union.” Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

Creating NEBourhoods Together aims to make living and working in the city sustainable socially just and environmentally friendly. As one of the European Unions's six European Lighthouse Demonstrators we are testing new methods and innovative solutions in Munich-Neuperlach for transforming existing urban spaces. A spirit of neighbourhood community and a respectful use of our planet's resources are at the heart of our mission. We are re-establishing connections between people buildings and public spaces and nature. Circular thinking and collective action are critical components of these sustainable transformations in daily life and in construction.Creating NEBourhoods Together acts as an international network and creates a model for other cities to follow in spreading the goals and spirit of the New European Bauhaus throughout the world: beautiful sustainable inclusive.

Architekturgalerie München is responsible for the communication, dissemination and replication of Creating NEBourhoods Together. The project started in October 2022 with a duration of two years. For more information, please visit:


Creating NEBourhoods Together


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