Architekturgalerie München im BUNKER, Blumenstrasse 22

Opening hours OPENart 2018
Sa 15.9. 11-19 Uhr, So 16.9. 12-18 Uhr
18.September - 6. Oktober Di-Sa 15.30- 19 Uhr

Nicola Borgmann Architekturgalerie München 

During OPENart 2018 we are presenting at BUNKER, parallel to the exhibition THE BEST POSSIBLE CITY, Nicolas Grospierre / Fthenakis Ropee, positions of  young architects from Munich under the title THE NEXT POSSIBLE CITY. Each of them is represented with its own work and a reference from the 20th century: Maren Weitz / Kofink Schels / Vanessa Lehner / Max Otto Zitzelsberger / Carmen Wolf / Andreas Wolf Schulze, Rolf Enzel, Stefan Imhof / Westner Schürer Zöhrer / Sofia Dona / Ferdinand Albrecht, Benedict Heidecker, Maximilian Kimmel / Sebastian Multerer / Tibor Bielicky, Ellena Ehrl / Tochtermann Wündrich / Christoph Bedall / Leo Bettini Oberkalmsteiner, Bonaventura Visconti di Modrone / Anna Yeboa, Philipp Krüpe / studioeuropa / Fabian A. Wagner, Sophia Eun Joo Pfeiffer. The exhibition is curated by Architekturgalerie München and supported by Architekturkultur Stiftung.

Opening hours ARCHITEKTURGALERIE MÜNCHEN im BUNKER Blumenstrasse 22
OPENart 14 September 5-9pm, 15. and 16. September 11-7pm
until 6 October monday-saturday 3-7pm

Architekturgalerie München im BUNKER Blumenstrasse 22

Opening hours OPENart 2018
Sa 15.9. 11-19 Uhr, Su 16.9. 12-18 Uhr
18.September - 6. Oktober Di-Sa 15.30- 19 Uhr

Nicola Borgmann Architekturgalerie Munich
Nicolas Grospierre Artist and Photographer
Alexander Fthenakis Fthenakis Ropee Architektenkooperative

The exhibition THE BEST POSSIBLE CITY brings the artist Nicolas Grospierre into a dialogue with the architects Fthenakis Ropee about their examination of modernist buildings. Both share a passion for this era of optimism and faith in architecture, their aspirations for social justice and the best possible living conditions for mankind. Grospierre addresses this unattained objective; his photomontages and objects of imaginary modernist structures and idealized cityscapes are not burdened by the mistakes of reality. Fthenakis Ropee are concerned not only with documentation and mediation, but above all with the transformation of these buildings. They develop contemporary design and functional solutions in dialogue with the modern architecture.The exhibition is curated by Architekturgalerie München in cooperation with Galerie Alarcón Criado, Seville.

Thank you for your support: Architekturkultur Stiftung, Schnitzer&, Generalkonsulat der Republik Polen in München, Prestel München, Polnisches Institut Berlin, Galerie Alarcón Criado, Sevilla.

Opening: Thursday, 20.09.2018 at 7pm

with Nicola Borgmann (Architecture Gallery Munich)

Cornelius Mager (Head of LBK and client)

H2R Architects BDA

Living space in Munich is scarce and is becoming increasingly unaffordable. This is one of the reasons why new forms of housing are constantly being created, such as building cooperatives and communities whose members attach particular importance to common and ecological aspects and who already want to be included in the planning process. In the last 30 years H2R Architects has realised more than 1100 apartments. Almost 500 of these were constructed with the extensive participation of the future residents or are about to be completed. The Munich projects, some of which have received honorary prizes from the City of Munich and other awards, can be seen in the Architekturgalerie München. With the project "Baugemeinschaft Schwabing Hoch Vier" at Ackermannbogen, the exhibition focuses on the participatory, lengthy, complicated but in many respects worthwhile process of constructing a residential building with a total of 56 individual residential units and four different architectural offices. On the basis of numerous projects by H2R Architects, the current development of a new district in the Prinz-Eugen-Park is also documented with an offer of different types of housing in different designs. The implementation of the requirements for community and ecological construction specified by the City of Munich when awarding land plots plays an important role here. A seven-storey wooden house will be built just during the exhibition period. Members of the building associations are included in the programme of the exhibition with comments, including cabaret.

Programme of the exhibition:

Thursday, 27.09.2018 at 19.00 hrs

"Colour and Light"

Short presentations and discussion with

Bartenbach, Innsbruck (Andreas Danler, Member of the Executive Board)

Keim Farben, Diedorf (Christian Plockross, Application Technology Manager)

Office colour spaces, Tutzing (Astrid Schleissing, Sophia Wonner-Mruck) 

Thursday, 04.10.2018 at 19.00 hrs

"Dawn of the mothers - or the madness in one's own house"

Cabaret with Franziska Ball, client (

Friday, 19.10.1918 at 19.00 hrs

"Living together - but how?"

Lectures by and discussion with

Lars Henze (Galli Rudolf Architects Ltd, Zurich)

Norbert Post (post welters partner mbB, architects and urban planners, Dortmund)

Ulrich Schop (roedig.schop architects, Berlin)

Frank Kaltenbach (architect, editor and client, Munich)


Nicolas Grospierre / Fthenakis Ropee

planning living together

H2R Architekten und Stadtplaner


Kurzvorträge und Diskussion

September 28, 2018


- oder der Wahnsinn im eigenen Haus“

October 5, 2018

Vom Bauen und Wohnen in Gemeinschaft

Info Abend

October 12, 2018

Gemeinsam wohnen

– aber wie?

October 20, 2018

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