Architekturgalerie München im Kunstareal, Türkenstraße 30, 80333 München

"We do not carry with us any fixed image or uniform idea of architecture. The lack of a standardized design is characteristic in our office. This is a conscious attitude towards architecture. A decision. The individual projects are strongly influenced by the people working in the office. We are different personalities with different perceptions and different approaches, which have also emerged from working together for 28 years. We have always considered it interesting to address this diversity and to develop solutions for each task that have an inherent originality and consistency." 

"For us, the quality of architecture is not only expressed in the final product, but also includes the work process. A decent and integrative approach to employees and all those involved in planning and construction process also is a quality of architecture, a quality of what we do. We take all concerns and requirements that are placed on a building seriously, react open and direct and implement them in a team that is thinking ahead. This is how the quality of architecture is created at all levels from the development process to the finished building."

On the occasion of the publication of a series of workshop books Maier.Neuberger.Architekten present their projects and perspectives from the last 28 years. Companions and colleagues were invited to portray everyday office life from their subjective point of view, to take photographs of the completed buildings and to formulate their views in text contributions. The result is five books that are an invitation to reflect on the architect's field of activity.

Maier.Neuberger.Architekten were founded in 1992. Since then, around 100 projects have been built, about half of them from competitions or competing procedures. Today they have over 45 employees and simultaneously develop around two dozen projects in a wide range of tasks from residential and commercial buildings, schools and kindergartens to urban planning.




Winy Maas MVRDV The Why Factory

July 8, 2020

Tiefe Oberflächen. Matthias Loebermann

Buildings and pictures


Münchner Freiräume


Ökologische Mustersiedlung Prinz Eugen Park

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