Architect and artist. Buildings and pictures. Matthias Loebermann confidently combines these different fields and shows that precise observation and sensitive examination of two and three-dimensional space are prerequisites for intensive work.

Over the last two decades he has created two dozen sensitive buildings and numerous works on paper. For the first time, architecture and the fine arts are united in one exhibition and an elaborately designed book object.

We cordially invite you and your friends to the opening on Thursday 23 July in the Architekturgalerie München in the Kunstareal.

Nicola Borgmann Architekturgalerie Munich
Dr. Oliver Herwig Journalist and author
Prof. Wolfgang Brune Brune Architects
Prof. Matthias Loebermann AML Architecture

Architekturgalerie München im Kunstareal, Türkenstraße 30, 80333 Munich

"The hand is my medium" says Matthias Loebermann. The transformation of material into the materiality of a particular surface, into a facade, a spatial design and a work of art, works for Loebermann by showing how to make. Thus he develops an associative depth in the layering of the materials used, their treatment and joining always remaining visible. He uses only a few materials, often just one. This condensation attracts the attention of the viewer. It is impressive to see the referential diversity this easy path opens up. In the seemingly simple opulence as well as the apparent blurring of the layers in contrast to the hardness of the setting, there is precisely this richness that his works want to reveal to the viewer. (Wolfgang Brune in Matthias Loebermann - Tiefe Oberflächen. Buildings and Images)

Matthias Loebermann lives and works in Nuremberg. He studied architecture in Stuttgart in 1984 and parallel painting at the AdBK Stuttgart. In 1996 he founded the office aml und partner. Since 2002 Mathias Loebermann has been teaching as a professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Biberach. The multiple award-winning architect is a member of the Convention for Building Culture in Berlin since 2009 member of the design advisory board of the city of Landsberg am Lech.

Tiefe Oberflächen. Matthias Loebermann

Buildings and pictures


Ökologische Mustersiedlung Prinz Eugen Park


Münchner Freiräume

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