We cordially invite you and your friends to an encounter with your digital self!

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The visit will take place in compliance with the hygiene concept and will be accompanied by a member of the GNOTHI collective.

Architekturgalerie München im BUNKER  Blumenstraße 22 80331 Munich

Thursday 25 March, 7 pm Talk with Q&A in live stream with:
Anna Helena Klumpen Art and media culture theorist, Bauhaus University Weimar
Isabelle Heinemann Historian
Collective GNOTHIS Aida Bakhtiari, Alexander Degner, Daniel Door, Katrin Savvulidi, Mira Sacher

Asking an oracle about the future was common practice in ancient Greece. Those seeking advice travelled to Delphi, made offerings and received enigmatic messages to which they had to make up their own minds - according to the inscription in the temple of Apollo: "gnothi seauton" - "know thyself". Two and a half thousand years later, predicting the future is part of our everyday life. With smartphones and laptops, each of us carries our personal temple of Apollo with us at all times. With the use of search engines and social networks, we post our questions in virtual space and leave traces on the net as an involuntary counter-gift. The only question is who does the oracleing. Under a seemingly harmless user interface, algorithms are at work that specifically collect data and record our wishes and desires. In this way, we contribute to sharpening our digital image and making the predictability of our decisions and actions more precise. If we leave ourselves and our data to the oracle of the tech companies, we give them the opportunity to influence our society on an economic, social and political level. The collective GNOTHI has approached this topic from an artistic and scientific perspective and developed the XR experience GNOTHI SEAUTON.

The mixed reality installation GNOTHI SEAUTON at the Architekturgalerie München in BUNKER enables exhibition visitors to encounter their digital self-image and explores the boundaries between digital and real space. For this purpose, the collective has created an instrument, a kind of modern crystal ball that, like a portal, opens the doors to a virtual world. It makes the increasing interweaving of reality, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) sensually experienceable and haptically tangible. With this sphere in their hands, visitors continue to move through the recorded exhibition area inside the bunker, starting outside. The path leads from the real to the virtual space in which the digital self-image slowly takes shape.

 The GNOTHI collective consists of Aida Bakhtiari, Alexander Degner, Daniel Door, Katrin Savvulidi and Mira Sacher. The artists work in an interdisciplinary way with experts from the fields of media theory, architecture, history, philosophy and stage design and the Institute for Media Informatics at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. The project GNOTHI SEAUTON is produced by Nicole Leykauf and supported by FFF Bayern, as well as XR Hub Bavaria.

A big thank you to all supporters, sponsors and cooperation partners: Halle6 München, Medientage München, LMU München, Lothringer13_Florida München, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Deutsches Museum München, Forward Festival München, HFF München

Buildings, Spaces and Landscapes

Architectural drawings from two decades

Deutscher Ziegelpreis 2021

Bundesverband der Deutschen Ziegelindustrie

Talk: GNOTHI SEAUTON - Know Thyself

Talk mit Q&A Lifestream

March 25, 2021

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