Opening on Monday 6th at 6.30 p.m.

Nicola Borgmann, Architekturgalerie München
Peter Vermeij, Consul General, Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Ben van Berkel, UNStudio

The Exhibition Motion Matters 4.0 presents different readings, interpretations, and perceptions of UNStudio’s work. By moving through the exhibition, shifting perspectives appear and mobility in matter is literally explored. For many years UNStudio has been investigating the potential of architectural perspective as an experimental testing ground for manifold architectural concerns and it is these investigations that form the basis of the exhibition ‘Motion Matters’. The exhibition presents several of UNStudio’s milestone projects, in addition to conveying their perspective on 26 years of architectural production. 

The exhibit itself is not merely a showcase, nor an object to passively observe, but instead interacts with the visitor whilst simultaneously demanding active participation in order to create a spatial and dynamic experience. The exhibition concept ‘Motion Matters’ has previously been applied to exhibitions at the Harvard Graduate School of Design School, the Aedes Gallery in Berlin and the MAXXI Museum in Rome. 
In Motion Matters 4.0 the concept of shifting perspective has been brought to the next level. Whereas in previous exhibitions distorted static printed images were employed, in this exhibition UNStudio - in collaboration with A.G. Licht and Lightlife – have furthered the concept through the addition of an installation of projected moving images and reflecting surfaces. Motion Matters 4.0 is designed to enable visitors to experience a surrealistic confrontation with the discrepancies between perception, vision and reality.


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Photos: Cesare Querci, Christian Richters

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